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Kent Sash Windows covers all sash window related problems and issues, big and small. From a small job like replacing a broken sash cord, to having every window in your house completely refurbished. Below is a brief description of some of the common services that we offer:

Overhaul and Draught-proofing -

It is a very common problem for old sash windows to be draughty. Cold air coming into the house, windows rattling in the wind are the usual types of problems that homeowners with old sash windows face. The immediate solution in many people's minds are to have them replaced with overly expenisve double-glazing. Don't do it! It is a huge misconception that the energy that you're losing through your windows isn't due to the fact that they're single glazed, the cold air coming into your home is coming through the gaps around your windows. And that is what our refurbishment and draught-proofing service aims at stopping.

Our work changes nothing about the appearance of the window. All of the character and the features of the window are retained. We take your sashes apart and cut grooves around the edges of the window and install a permanent draught seal that is hidden to the eye, so as not to affect the look of a traditional window, but still providing the insulation around all of the gaps around the sashes, massively decreasing the energy that you're losing in your home, aswell as reducing noise and dust ingress.

  • Sashes are fully removed from box frame for all required machining.
  • Pulley wheels are to be serviced and all loose, flaking paint will be scraped back.
  • Any necessary minor timber repairs to be carried out.
  • Any necessary changing of sash weights to be carried out.
  • All alterations will be made to achieve a smooth sliding action of both top and bottom sashes. Sashes will be planed down or packed out to ensure windows are correctly aligned, and open and close properly to allow maximum ventilation when needed.
  • Consumable components of the windows are to be renewed, such as staff beads, parting beads and sash cords.
  • Hidden brush draught seals are to be installed in all beading and rebated into the top, bottom and meeting rails of all sashes. All new timber will be primed and undercoated.

This service can also be applied to all wooden windows and doors.

Renovation and Repair -

We often find that many of our clients are surprised when we tackle the problems of decaying windows by repairing rather than fully replace. But the reason that we may advise to take such measures is simple - it is simply more viable. Rotting wood found in sills, lower areas of box frames and sashes is common and we can often apply a high quality resin repair, carry out a timber splice, or replace only certain components of the window frame. Our ethos is to always try and retain as much of the original, good quality timber as possible, and this is very beneficial as many of the old Victorian and Georgian sashes were made using far superior quality timber than the timber used in modern day joinery.

Broken glass and double glazing -

We are accustomed to dealing with all types of glazing related issues, big and small. Single paned broken glass can be safely removed and replaced using the traditional putty method.

Safer laminate and toughened glass can be installed in windows and doors to ease customers' security concerns.

It is also sometimes possible to install double glazed sealed units into old sashes, reducing the noise coming in.

Locks, Security and Sash Window Ironmongery -

We fit all of the latest sash window hardware, in brass/chrome finishes and more at trade cost. Brighton fasteners, fitch fasteners and quadrant arm fasteners are examples of classic window catches that we supply. All examples of sash handles, pulls and lifts can also be fitted. We also fit the latest security restrictors stops/locks for safe, secure windows.




Re-instatement and Replacement -

There are two reasons why you may wish to have brand new windows installed in your property. Firstly your existing windows may have deteriated beyond the point where they can be repaired, or secondly the windows that were once original to your house have at some point been removed and you may wish to re-instate them back to their former glory with exact replicas. We can help in both of these situations. The 50's through to the 80's saw a window era where perfectly good sash and casement windows were removed and replaced with unsuitable looking louvre, metal and plastic windows. We can bring your home back to its past glory by removing your unsightly and unnecessary windows and install high quality box sash windows, bespoke made in our workshop. Many local councils insisit that any replacement sashes are made exactly like the originals, copying all of their intricate details, particularly in conservation areas/listed buildings. We now live in a time where homeowners appreciate and expect original features like wooden sash windows in their traditional Victorian homes.


Existing louvre style window


Transformed to traditional style box sash

Painting, Decoration and Maintenance -

We work closely with a fully qualified painter and decorator to acheive a beautiful finished product on top of our refurbishment service. The advantages of having sash windows decorated at the same time as being overhauled are numerous:

  • Most of the preparation work can be carried out while the sashes are removed from the frames making the job a lot easier.
  • The need for scaffolding or other safety methods for upper floor windows is usually eliminated (saving you money!) as the exterior woodwork of the sashes and frames can be done from the inside while the sashes are out of their frames.
  • The chances of sashes sticking or paint getting on draught seals is greatly reduced.
  • It is a lot easier to acheive a better paint finish.

The windows below were fully renovated and decorated on the same job:



If you have a sash window related issue that is not mentioned above, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 012 6038 we will be happy to help.