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About Us

Here at Kent Sash Windows we strive to retain your existing windows whenever possible. If replacement is the only other option then we will replace with exact replicas of the existing windows so as to retain their classic appearance.

Box Sash Windows are a big part of our classic English heritage and their history extends well over three centuries. Many Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian homes still have their original windows and features today.

Many companies recommend replacing old windows that look past their best with modern equivalents e.g. uPVC and aluminium, but these are often expensive and completely unsuitable for the type of building that they are being installed in.

Striving to help clients retain these original, beautiful features of their Victorian and Georgian homes, we use the highest quality and specialist materials whilst applying the most traditional methods. Our carpenters are passionate about keeping traditional windows in traditional houses. Eliminating draughts and rattles and bringing your Sash windows up to date with modern day living standards is exactly what we do here at Kent Sash Windows.

If you would like to find out more about what we can for you or if you are just looking for a price without the hassle of a typical salesmans pitch (2-3 hours) please contact us now on 0800 012 6038